Emerging Scholars Shine at International Conference: MILIEU PhD Students Present Innovative Research in Reykjavik

In a remarkable display of academic excellence, three talented PhD students from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, seized a unique opportunity to present their groundbreaking research at the Twenty-Ninth International Conference of Europeanists. This prestigious event took place at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik from June 27 to June 29, 2023, providing an invaluable platform for global academic exchange.

Thanks to the MILIEU project, Ralitsa Mitkova Dimitrova, Mira Dobreva, and Martina Drobenova showcased their research, contributing to the rich academic dialogue that unfolded at the conference. The event not only highlighted their dedication and innovation but also underlined the commitment of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to fostering the growth of the next generation of researchers.

Ralitsa Mitkova Dimitrova presented her insightful work on “First Generation Women with Higher Education in Bulgaria: Obstacles and Policies,” receiving valuable feedback that will undoubtedly enrich her research further. Mira Dobreva delved into the realm of female creativity and digital entrepreneurship with her paper, “More than a Marketplace: Female Creativity and Digital Labour on Etsy.” Meanwhile, Martina Drobenova explored the critical topic of the “Impact of European and National Policies for Early Childhood Education and Care on the Educational Integration of Roma Communities.”

The young scholars’ active participation in the conference not only expanded their academic horizons but also demonstrated the significance of supporting emerging researchers. Engaging with experienced scholars on a global stage, they gained exposure, confidence, and constructive feedback that will undoubtedly shape their academic trajectories.

For these three rising stars, the conference was more than an academic event; it was a transformative growth opportunity. Presenting their work to a diverse audience further enriched their academic journey, emphasizing the importance of nurturing and encouraging young researchers as they navigate the intricate landscape of academic life. The MILIEU project continues to empower the next generation, fostering a legacy of dedication and scholarly excellence.

As put by Ralitsa Dimitrova: “Participating in the 29th International Conference of Europeanists in Reykjavik was transformative. Engaging with global scholars, presenting my research, and exploring Reykjavik’s beauty left me profoundly grateful. This experience enriched my academic journey, fostering connections and broadening my perspectives. The impact is immeasurable.”