Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Statement

We strive to make as accessible as possible to people of all levels of ability. Our efforts are focused to ensure all functionality and all content is accessible to all users.

The ongoing accessibility effort works towards conforming to the:

These guidelines not only help make web content accessible to users with sensory, cognitive and mobility disabilities, but ultimately to all users, regardless of ability.

As part of our commitment to accessibility, we ensure that our website is compatible with:

  • Popular screen readers
  • Operating system screen magnifiers
  • Speech recognition software

We always make sure that our website follows accessibility best practices by following the principles of universal design. This ensures the site is flexible and adaptable to different users’ needs or preferences and is accessible through a variety of different technologies, including mobile devices or assistive technologies.

During the development phase we endeavour to help improve the accessibility of our website for users with disabilities by:

  • Maintaining colour/contrast ratios for text
  • Providing keyboard accessible navigation
  • Providing skip to content links at the top of the page
  • Exposing information to the accessibility API through the use of ARIA attributes

Website Elements

  • Navigation:

    All pages contain the consistent header and footer blocks that include the website navigational menus, information and links. The Mobile version of the website utilizes clickable navigational icons that are also described with text labels that are accessible to screen readers.

  • Images:

    All images used in this site include descriptive ALT attributes. Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.

  • Icons:

    The website uses graphical font icons to introduce better user experience and usability along with the text labels. Icons that doesn’t contain any visible text labels have hidden text descriptors that are accessible to screen readers to allow people with vision impairment to make use of them.

  • Videos:

    All videos are streamed using the external platform YouTube. The YouTube player is compatible with screen readers.

  • Visual Design:

    The site uses cascading style sheets for its visual layout. While the website has been implemented with maximum cross-browser compatibility in mind, some older browser might not display the content or animations the same way that newer ones can. For browsers or browsing devices that does not support stylesheets at all, the content of each page will still be readable.

  • Responsive Design:

    The website will change and adapt the layout for different screen sizes such as those found on tablet and mobile.

  • Fonts:

    The site uses different font sizes depending on the browsing device screen size. Font sizes and colours have been carefully chosen to meet recommended sizing standards and contrast with background.


We are dedicated to making accessibility improvements. If you have had any problems or any issues while using our site, we would like to hear about it. Please direct any questions or suggestions on how to improve the accessibility of our website to our email address info@milieu‑ Alternatively, you can make use of our website’s Contact Form.