Video from the lecture “Sexuality and People with Disabilities – Prevailing Stereotypes and Misconceptions”

You can now watch the video from Lecture 8 of the online course “Disability and Social Inclusion” on the topic of “Sexuality and People with Disabilities – Prevailing Stereotypes and Misconceptions”.

In the lecture Dr. Carla Maria Reale (University of Genova and University of Trento) examines the topic of the sexuality of people with disabilities through the category of fundamental rights which means recognizing sexuality as a relevant component of humanity defined by the principles of equality, self-determination and the promotion of the person’s well-being. The lecture adopts an interdisciplinary approach, by creating a dialogue between legal knowledge and categories developed in social sciences, specifically sociology and political philosophy.

The video is accessible via the site’s Media section or the link below. Remember to look for the other interesting videos from various MILIEU events.