IPS work visit to UCM in October 2023

Complutense University of Madrid, 23-28.10.2023

The IPS team embarked on their second work trip to Madrid in 2023, spanning from October 23 to October 28. Accompanied by Prof. Dr. Vasil Kirov, Deputy Director of the Bulgarian Academy of Science’s Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, and Bagryan Malamin, Ph.D. student and chief communication expert of IPS, the trip had significant academic and collaborative objectives.

One of the main highlights was the team’s participation in the “II Congreso Internacional sobre Pedro Almodóvar” academic conference on October 24. Following the conference, a series of strategic meetings and workshops took place with the Spanish MILIEU team at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Key milestones in the MILIEU timeline were discussed during meetings with Liisa Irene Hänninen and Olga Kolotouchkina on October 25 and 26. This included the finalization of academic article drafts integral to the MILIEU project and the planning of a dissemination event in Brussels scheduled for December 12, 2023.

The IPS team seized the opportunity to establish new contacts with scientists and leaders at Complutense University. Meetings with José Antonio San Román, Vicedean of International Relations at the Faculty of Communication, and Ubaldo Cuesta, Complutense’s vice-rector for communication, resulted in discussions about future joint activities and the signing of a framework contract for cooperation.

A fruitful meeting with Cristóbal Fernández and his team from the communication office provided practical ideas for enhancing IPS’s communication activities. The team also met with Dimitrina Zhivkova, Vice-Dean of Scientific Policy and Doctoral Students, to explore various collaborative academic activities in the pipeline.

Amidst these crucial discussions, the team organized a workshop on October 25 with the participation of Liisa and Olga’s students, focusing on the significance of EU projects for academic career development. Another workshop, titled “Academic journals indexing systems and impact factor: Web of Science and Scopus,” was hosted by María José Establés Heras in a hybrid format on October 27.

The work visit concluded with a final networking event at the Museo del Traje – the Museum of Garment at the Ethnologic Heritage Research Center in Madrid. The trip showcased the IPS team’s dedication to academic excellence, collaborative partnerships, and the advancement of the MILIEU project’s objectives.