Seminar “Useful Resources for Researchers in Gender Studies” (video)

Full video for the seminar "Useful Resources for Researchers in Gender Studies", lecturer Lucia Gloria Vázquez Rodríguez.04.05.2023 The seminar seeks to provide a comprehensive list of the databases, the institutions, the available funding schemes, and the most relevant publications in the field of Gender Studies for scholars that may be newcomers to the area. Throughout the seminar, we will explore the challenges and opportunities gender researchers face in their careers; discuss the potential for the social impact of our work, as well as the alliances that we can establish with grassroots associations and institutions that deal with gender (in)equality across different industries; and talk about the emotional labour and the importance of building communities in a field of knowledge that is so closely tied to affect and identity.


Useful Resources for Researchers in Gender Studies, Lucia Gloria Vázquez Rodríguez