Work Visit of IPS MILIEU Team to Trento and Genova

The IPS MILIEU team embarked on their third secondment to Italy for the 2023 year, commencing with a scholarly visit to Trento from October 1 to October 3, 2023. During this period, a collaborative workshop titled “The anti-gender movement in Bulgaria” was successfully organized at the University of Trento on October 3, thanks to the joint efforts of the MILIEU team, the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, and the Department of Sociology and Social Sciences at the University of Trento. Renowned sociologist Elena Pavan moderated the workshop, enhancing its academic impact.

А productive work meeting with Carla Maria Reale from UniGe MILIEU team, a legal scholar and researcher focusing on gender, sexuality, and disability, took place. The discussion covered upcoming MILIEU project events and imminent work reports due in December 2023. The team, maintaining its commitment to engaging in local academic activities during international visits, seized the opportunity to establish new professional connections with colleagues from the University of Trento, fostering potential collaborations on shared research interests.

Subsequently, the team traveled to Genoa from October 4 to October 7, 2023, for a crucial visit in collaboration with project partners from the University of Genoa. Participating in insightful workshops and engaging in discussions, the team strategically planned forthcoming events and activities within the MILIEU program for the remainder of 2023. The efforts to expand their network proved fruitful, as meetings with key figures such as Guido Franci Amoretti, director of UniGe’s Faculty of Education (DisFor), organized by our colleagues Rita Bencivenga and Anna Siri resulted in the signing of new Erasmus agreements.

In a delightful turn of events, the team joined UniGe colleagues Alessandro Castellano and Alessandro Meloni in a workshop for primary and secondary school students titled “I want to be an astronaut”, that aimed to increase awareness in the labor market gender discrepancies. Wrapping up their visit, the team actively participated in a networking event at the Genova 2023 BookPride. The visit showcased the team’s commitment to international collaboration, academic excellence, and the pursuit of shared goals in gender, disability, and inclusivity studies.