MILIEU IPS Team Strengthens Collaborative Bonds during Productive Visit to Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Complutense University of Madrid, 29.05.2023-03.06.2023

The MILIEU team from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (IPS) went on a work trip to Universidad Complutense de Madrid from May 29 to June 3, 2023, in order to strengthen ties with project partners and forge new connections.

The purpose of the visit was to strengthen existing collaborations and to broaden the network of professional contacts beyond the MILIEU project team. The team held a series of meetings and discussions to lay the groundwork for potential future joint academic projects and activities.

On May 30, the group met with Isabel Tajaurce, the director of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid’s Equality Unit. Tajaurce’s knowledge and collaborative spirit were vital to the success of subsequent work meetings and discussions.

The MILIEU team investigated various avenues for collaboration, including discussions with scientists and experts from the Diversity and Inclusion Department at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. On June 2, I met with Yanna G. Franco of the Feminist Research Centre and had discussions with the leaders of the master’s programme in LGBTQI+ studies.

Clara Rebato Sánchez Valiente, a young researcher who is involved in MILIEU-related activities, moderated discussions and attended official work meetings. Meetings with established project partners Liisa Hanninen, Olga Kolotouchkina, Patricia Gomez, Juan Pavon, and Carlos Vara Sánchez, collectively known as the Spanish MILIEU team, were among those held.

Ingrid Ruiz Terol, an early-stage researcher specialising in gender, sexuality, and disability studies, also attended a special meeting on May 31. On May 31, the team also met with the Erasmus Department at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, led by José Antonio San Román, vice dean of UCM’s Faculty of Information Sciences.

Carlos Vara Sánchez generously offered guidance to MILIEU team member Aleksandra Traykova on her latest draft on violence and misogyny in health care, demonstrating that collaboration and knowledge exchange are not one-sided.

This fruitful visit laid the groundwork for future collaborations and strengthened ties between MILIEU and its Universidad Complutense de Madrid partners. The team is excited to see how these connections will play out in the ongoing pursuit of academic excellence and inclusivity.