The MILIEU IPS Team Participates in an Inspiring Exchange and Work Trip at the University of Genoa

University of Genova, 08-13 May 2023

In a continuation of collaborative efforts, the MILIEU team from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (IPS) embarked on a transformative exchange visit to the University of Genoa (UNIGE) from May 8 to May 13, 2024.

This visit not only facilitated networking opportunities but also provided team members with valuable insights into inclusivity from the perspective of engineering and design, a focus area within Italian academia.

A notable highlight of the trip was the visit to the UNIGE Department of Computer Science, Bioengineering, Robotics, and Systems Engineering. Here, Antonio Sgorbissa and PhD students shared groundbreaking research on social robots and robot dogs, showcasing the intersection of technology and social impact.

The exploration continued with a visit to the Italian Institute of Technology, where the MILIEU team witnessed the latest technological advancements in robotic prostheses and nature-inspired design. An inspiring meeting at the Centre for Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Impact at IIT with Lina Donnarumma and dedicated Postdoc scholars further enriched the team’s understanding.

Networking momentum persisted on May 12 at UNIGE – Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione, AG-AboutGender, featuring engaging discussions with Emanuela Abbatecola and Isabel Fanlo Cortes.

In addition to these insightful visits, the MILIEU team conducted several work meetings to ensure project progress and cohesion. A significant session at UNIGE’s Department of Political Sciences with Enrico Di Bella and PhD students set the tone for collaborative endeavors on May 8. Subsequent work meetings involved established project partners Cinzia Leone and Alessandro Castellano, focusing on the planning of forthcoming events. A larger meeting with the collective efforts of Cinzia Leone, Alessandro Castellano, Cristina Candito, and Alessandro Meloni explored possibilities for new joint activities.

The exchange visit not only strengthened academic connections but also laid the foundation for future collaborative initiatives, reflecting MILIEU’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and transformative progress.

Stay tuned for more updates on the continued journey of the MILIEU project as it unfolds exciting new chapters in the realm of academia and social impact.