MILIEU IPS Тeam Engages in Productive Work Visit at University of Genova

Genova, 24-28 January 2023

In a dynamic exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts, a dedicated team of researchers from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology embarked on a work visit to the University of Genova from January 24 to 28, 2023. The visit encompassed participation in the “GEPs and Universities of the Future” International Round Table, held on January 25 at UniGe.

The team’s involvement in the conference was just one facet of their multifaceted agenda. Several work meetings were conducted during the visit, fostering discussions on future projects, strategizing, and meticulous planning of joint events slated for the year 2023. Throughout these interactions, sustainability emerged as a central theme, particularly in the context of contracts and future collaborations.

Notably, the team engaged in comprehensive discussions during the Balkans Discussion Panel – a networking event with colleagues from Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the prospect of extending future initiatives into the Balkan region took center stage.

The work visit not only provided a platform for intellectual exchange but also strengthened the bonds between IPS and UniGe. As the team returns, the echoes of fruitful deliberations and strategic planning resonate, setting the stage for a year of impactful collaborations and sustained progress.

Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting developments stemming from this enriching work visit!