A success story: MILIEU’s final dissemination event

12 December 2023, Brussels, Belgium

After an eventful and fast-paced three years, we, the MILIEU project team, faced our ultimate challenge—the final dissemination event held in Brussels. This significant occasion served as a platform for us to present the project’s outcomes and engage in in-depth discussions with officials from the European Commission (EC) and project officers. We extended invitations to all relevant organizations and people, including representatives from prominent NGOs, research bodies, charities, and members of the European Parliament.

The event took place at the House of the Permanent Representation of Bulgaria in Brussels, where our teams from IPS, UniGe, and UCM presented the project’s results and achievements. Testimonies from our partners and supporters during this high-stakes event created an atmosphere of enthusiasm, marking a fitting conclusion to the MILIEU H2020 Project.

Beyond the achievements, MILIEU has been about sustaining progress by forging connections with partners who believe in equality and aspire to make a difference. Expressing gratitude for collaboration, we, the team, look forward to future opportunities and continued work in the years to come.

As the curtains fall on this chapter, MILIEU’s impactful journey leaves a legacy of excellence, equality, and transformative progress. We extend heartfelt thanks to all participants and anticipate new horizons in the ongoing pursuit of our vision.