Call for Proposals: “Vulnerability, human development and cooperative re-building in turbulent times”

HDCA Conference 2023, September 11th – 13th 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria 

The conference is jointly organized by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at BAS, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Open Society Institute – Sofia, Trust for Social Alternative and SCOOP Foundation and will be held in the Sofia University building.

This is the first conference of the Association to be organized in a Central and Eastern European country. 

The HDCA Annual Conference is an event that brings together researchers from around the world and  from different disciplines and fields to discuss human development and the capabilities approach.

In addition to conference theme papers, papers on all HDCA main topics may be requested. The conference will also be a meeting place for HDCA thematic groups and regional networks.

The organizers especially welcome papers that engage in research in the following four broad areas: 

➢ how to conceptualize and measure vulnerability and human development at micro, macro level – country, regional and global – in turbulent times; 

➢ how new challenges facing contemporary societies may enhance or restrict human development and social inequalities; 

➢ how to encourage cooperation among differently located actors, institutions, and organizations with the aim to enrich development outcomes for all social groups, localities, nations and sub-regions; 

➢ how to develop capabilities associated with well-being and equity that respond to the changes of work, family, knowledge production, political and social relations, the environment and non-humans. 

Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago, USA
Melanie Walker, HDCA President, South Africa
Branko Milanovic, City University of New York, USA
Subbu Subramanian, Independent Scholar, India
Vassil Kirov, IPS-BAS, Bulgaria
Gustav Arrhenius, Institute for Future Studies, Sweden
Ursula Holtgrewe, Center for Social Innovation, Austria

The deadline for submission of applications has been extended to February 28, 2023 

Requests can be submitted at the following address: https://www.conftool. org/hdca2023
More information about the conference, including a description of the topic and

main thematic fields are available on her website:

Questions can be directed to the event organizers at the following email:


28 February 2023 – Closing date for submission of proposals 

15 April 2023 – Announcement of acceptance/rejection 

30 April 2023 – Deadline for scholarship applications 

1 May 2023 – Opening of conference registration 

9 June 2023 – Deadline for conference registration at early-bird rates 

07 July 2023 – Deadline for paper submission for Kuklys prize 

04 August 2023 – Final deadline for conference registration at standard rates 

04 August 2023 – Submission of full papers/posters/presentations 


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