Interview on the MILIEU 2022 PhD Summer Course, with Liisa Hänninen and Olga Kotouchkina

In a short interview on the MILIEU 2022 PhD Summer Course “Diversity and inclusion in responsible research, innovation, and communication”, Liisa Hänninen, professor at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the UCM and director of the course, pointed out regarding the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation, that “we do not have planet B, then all human action, both in the field of research, as in innovation or in the advancement of companies, has to take into account the limits of our planet”.

Hänninen and Olga Kotouchkina, professor and researcher at the UCM and secretary of the course, participate in the European project H2020 MILIEU: Women, Disability and Inclusion, led by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IPS-BAS), the University of Genoa and the group GRASIA Research Center (UCM), to which Hänninen and Kotouchkina belong. The course has been attended, on the one hand, by prominent national and international researchers, and on the other, by representatives of Paralympic sport, media experts, public institutions and private companies with proven experience in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The main objective of the European project H2020 MILIEU: Women, Disability and Inclusion is, according to the secretary of the course, “to share the experience that we have at the Complutense University with the academic sector in Bulgaria, with the support of our colleagues from Italy, to that they know all the opportunities to promote the participation of women and people with functional diversity in the academic field”.

The original interview (in Spanish) you can find on the page of the Cursos Complutense De Verano.